Turkey Fine Motor Activities

Happy Wednesday!  I don't know about you, but I can't believe we're already one week into November.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I have been excited to get my Turkey Fine Motor Activities pack completed.  I just got it posted and I can't wait to share about these activities with you!
There are a total of 10 activities in this pack.  All of my fine motor packs include at least 10 activities and work great for morning tubs, small group work, early intervention, and much more.

Here's a look at the activities!

Cutting Activities: There are two activities included: a "simple shape" turkey and cutting line puzzles.  The turkey features easy-to-cut shapes such as circles, triangles, ovals, and rectangles.  You can have students color the pieces or print them on colorful paper.

The cutting line puzzles are similar to those in some of my other fine motor packs.  They're the perfect arrival activity because they can color, cut out, and glue the puzzle onto construction paper, all while warming up their finger muscles for the day!

Pokey Pin Page:  Kids just seem to love pokey pin pages!  You can tape the page onto a piece of construction paper for kids to poke through.  When you remove the page, their design is on the piece of construction paper.

Linking: For this activity, I included turkey number cards and pictures of things that turkeys like to eat in the wild, including acorns, nuts, and small shoots/sprouts.  Students will "feed" the turkeys by linking the number of food pieces together.  

Lacing:  There are four lacing cards, each with a stage of a turkey's life: egg, chick, poult, and turkey.  You will prepare these cards by printing on cardstock, laminating, and punching holes around the outside of the picture.  You can use shoelaces or yarn for lacing.  If you use yarn, I suggest taping the ends so they don't fray.

Tweezing: This is a tweezing and counting activity that can be made simpler if needed.  You will prepare the number and color cubes (or insert the cards I provided into pocket cubes).  Students will roll the cubes and then place the number and color of pom-pom balls onto the matching color turkey.  If this is too many steps, omit the cubes and just have students sort!

Clipping:  This activity uses mini colorful clothespins.  If you can't find clothespins in every color, just use turkeys that match the colors you can find.  

Gluing:  I love this turkey feather activity!  Students can trace on the lines, then color and cut out around the feather.  Then they will use liquid glue to glue on the dots and place buttons on the dots.  These would look neat on a turkey bulletin board!

Letter Writing Practice:  Provide students with a small sand tray and a large craft feather.  They will practice making letters in sand, using the feather as a writing instrument.

Playdough Mat: I made a "build a turkey" instructional mat for this activity.  Students will use playdough to make a turkey body and head and then objects to finish the turkey.  I used googly eyes, foam snoods, beaks, and wings, pipe cleaner legs, and craft feathers.

Line Tracing:  These community helper turkeys are just so cute!  Students will trace the lines from top to bottom.

You probably have many of the materials in your classroom already, but in case you're curious about where to find anything, you can click on the image below to see the materials on Amazon.  I got the feathers I am using at Michael's, but I linked some similar ones.

I hope you and your students LOVE these turkey activities!  You can click on the image below to grab them in my store.  Click on the Fall Activities Bundle image if you're interested in the discounted bundle!

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