Clip, Check, Draw: Self-Checking Activities for November

Good evening!  I have a brand-new resource that I'm SO excited about!  I know that November is already halfway over, but I've been working on this and I'm glad it's ready to share.

My Clip, Check, Draw pack for November includes ten sets of self-checking clip cards and a turkey feather drawing mat.  Students will pick a set of clip cards.  As they look at each card, they'll clip the answer they think is correct and flip the card over to check it.  If they're correct, they will draw a feather on the turkey!

I love this pack because not only is it really versatile, but it's also really motivating.  I like to provide lots of different colors of dry-erase markers which, in my experience, kids LOVE to use!  I also love the clip cards because they're self-checking.  You'll make them self-checking by adding a dot sticker to the back of each card to indicate the correct answer.  I use the Target brand dot stickers!

As I mentioned, there are ten sets of clip cards.  Five of them cover math skills and five cover literacy skills.  The skills covered shown below!

I picked skills that my kindergarteners are typically working on in the month of November.  Since you'll most likely use these as independent practice, I wanted to pick skills that students have some familiarity with and will feel confident working on.  This activity is great for learning centers, early finishers, or even as a small group activity.  In a small group, I would make a turkey mat (in a page protector) for each student in my group.  Then, I would have each student take a card, clip and check, and draw on their mat.  We would rotate around until the cards were gone.

To store the cards for long-term use or even student use, I have a few suggestions.  You can simply place the activity in a bin for center use.  You could also place the activity cards and a clothespin in a zipper baggie or envelope and have students grab a turkey mat for center use or early finisher work.  

To grab this resource, click on the image below.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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