April Morning Work Tubs

It's nearly April, and my April Morning Work Tubs are ready to go!  I have a super exciting announcement about the April tubs, so be sure to read all the way through!

I wanted to give you a quick sneak peek of the activities to help you gather materials.  As with the other months' packs, I try to create these activities in a way that makes them flexible material-wise. For the most part, if you don't have the same exact materials that I use, you can still use the activity.  You may have to modify it to some extent.  I'm also including some affiliate links to a few of the materials.

1.  Spring Ten Frames
2. Sunflower Seed Counting Mats
3. Happy Flower Color Sort (These are the tweezers I use - they've lasted for years!)
4. Rainy Day Sort (I made this as a sensory tub, which is optional, but it makes it more fun!)

5. Flower Cut and Punch
6. Spring Day Spy-a-Word (This is the magnifying glass that I have.)
7. Bunny Line Tracing
8. Recycling or Trash Sort (Here are similar trash and recycling bins.)

9. Spring Word Building
10. Spring Sight Word Puzzles
11. Springtime 1-10 Puzzles (These are editable!)
12. Springtime Sentences

13. Beehive Playdough Mats
14. Spring Roll and Graph
15. Build a Nest
16. Spring Pinning Pages (I use these jumbo push pins!)

17. Spring Picture Search
18. Springtime Sequencing
19. Color-by-Number/Color-by-Sum
20. Number Nests

My SUPER exciting news and announcement is that my morning work tubs now include student instruction cards AND they are editable!  I will be adding student instruction cards to all future packs and I'll be going back and adding them to the previous packs as well.

I hope you and your students love the April tub activities!  Click on the pictures below to view the April tubs and the bundle in my store.



  1. What a great morning to! Is there a link to this product in your store!

    1. Hi Diva! A link would be helpful! Sorry about that! :) I've updated the post and here's the link as well:




  2. Hi Katie! Quick question: do you use regular push pins for the punch pictures? I've never found big ones in the stores. Also where did you find the plastic tweezers? Thank you!

    1. Hi there! I use jumbo push pins, and I found them on Amazon! I know some people have found them at office stores as well. I use the Learning Resources brand of plastic tweezers. They're really good quality! I added clickable links to both of them above. Thanks so much! :)