Beginning Sound Spinner Games {Freebie!}

Happy New Year, teachers!  I sincerely hope that winter break has given you a chance to relax, refresh, and reflect.  If you haven't already taken some time to do something for yourself, please do so!  You deserve it!

Today, I'm going to share about a fun and free resource I have that might come in handy during the next few weeks of school!

This is a set of spinner games that are so simple, you'll just have to print, find some paper clips, and you're practically set!

Students can play individually or with a partner.  To play, the player simply creates a spinner with a paper clip and a pencil.  They will spin a letter and locate a picture that begins with that letter's sound.  The student then colors the picture or covers it with a manipulative or other object.  (More on that later!)

There are three versions of the game, with color or black-and-white versions for each version.  The only color on the pages is in the spinner anyway, so this activity doesn't use much color ink.

When I was in the classroom, I loved finding ways to stretch the use of every resource I had.  Students love playing the same games again and again, and they especially love spinner games.  Instead of printing copies again and again, put enough copies into page protectors.  (I love using page protectors as an alternative to laminating!)  Instead of coloring on the actual paper, students can reuse the game by using 1) dry erase markers, 2) math manipulatives, 3) mini erasers, or whatever you have on hand.

Students can color in the picture or just cross it out.  

I hope this activity makes going back to school a little easier for you!

Click on the picture to download this game.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for linking up with us this month! Thanks for the beginning sounds freebie! It will be a great review activity after the winter break. :)

  2. I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent!

  3. Can't wait to use these! This activity will be a huge hit in my centers! Thank you for a great resource!! :)

  4. Great idea to make it reusable! Thanks for sharing!!

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