A Guide to Creating Fine Motor Experiences In Your Classroom

Today, I'm sharing some of my thoughts and ideas about fine motor work in kindergarten.  Over the last several years, one of the hot topics in early childhood education has been the increasing number of children entering school without age-appropriate fine motor skills.  Studies such as this one have linked fine motor skills with academic achievement and have found that students with better fine motor skills in kindergarten had higher rates of academic growth through middle school.

Spring Read-Alouds + Free Teaching Ideas!

With spring comes so many of my favorite things: warmer weather, sunnier days, and some of my favorite read-alouds!  I'm doing a round-up of my favorite books to read aloud in the springtime.  I'm also sharing several free activities!

Spring Fine Motor Activities

Happy Saturday! I was hoping that by the time I had a chance to blog about my new spring fine motor centers, it would actually feel like spring around here in Kansas. Alas, we have had snow falling on and off today and although it's not sticking to the ground, I'm still not happy at all.  I guess it could be worse, but still...*sigh*.

St. Patrick's Day Fine Motor Activities

With all of the cold and nasty weather we've been having here in Kansas, it's hard to believe that St. Patrick's Day is only a couple weeks away.  With another winter storm coming this weekend, I am more than ready for spring and that's an understatement!

5 Tips for New Teachers Who Are Struggling

If you're a first or second year teacher, this post is for you. I wanted to take a minute to check in with you to see how you're doing.

How has your school year gone so far?

How are you doing emotionally?

How many weeks until summer break?  (Kidding...mostly!)

From a former first year teacher, I know what a roller coaster that year can be.  Of course it's wonderful in so many ways (Just think - you got your first job!), but it can also difficult in some ways, too.  Today, I have five tips for you if you are a new teacher who is struggling.

Valentine's Day Fine Motor Activities

Even though January always seems to last 873 days, Valentine's Day still manages to sneak up on me. I don't actually mind the month of January, since my daughter and I both have birthdays in January and it's good to get back into a routine after the holidays.  But it still seems like a long month!