Earth Day Exploration Stations or Centers

Earlier this year, I created a set of Kansas Day-themed stations that I absolutely fell in love with.  Similar to my morning work tubs, I really enjoy creating activities that work perfectly in tubs or at centers and their format really allows me to be creative.  With Earth Day coming up, I decided to go a similar route and I created this brand-new Earth Day Exploration Stations/Centers pack!

Mermaid Letter Tracing Cards

Hey there!  Today, I wanted to take just a second to share this adorable activity that I made for my three year-old!  She is fascinated by mermaids and we stumbled upon this fun tape at Target that reminded us of mermaids.  I decided to turn it into a hands-on alphabet activity for her.

November Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

Hi there!  I'm very excited to share my November Literacy Centers pack with you today!  If you recall from my posts about September and October, I'm working on a growing bundle of non-thematic literacy centers for the entire school year.  I am really excited about the activities in the November pack and I'll give you a sneak peek today.

October Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

Hello!  I'm here today to share about my brand-new October Literacy Centers for Kindergarten.  If you recall from my blog post about my September Literacy Centers, I am working on a year-long set of literacy centers that are non-thematic.  Today I'm going to share a sneak peek at all of the centers in my October pack!

September Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

Although it's still spring, today I'm thinking about September!  I am so excited to share with you about a brand-new teaching resource and growing bundle that I've been working on for a few months.

If you're like many kindergarten teachers, you have a literacy block or rotation every day that includes independent learning centers.  If you're anything like me, coming up with meaningful and engaging center activities week-after-week can be extremely time-consuming.  I have always loved using thematic and seasonal centers and I've even created several seasonal/holiday center packs.  However, what about those in-between weeks, like after Halloween when it seems a little early for Thanksgiving and turkey centers?  Those are the weeks when I've always struggled because I don't have a set of centers that I can just print and prep.

6 Activities for Celebrating Kansas Day {PLUS a Freebie!}

With Kansas Day coming up on January 29th, I wanted to share a variety of ideas to help you celebrate with your kindergarteners!  Whether you want to do one activity that day or spend a whole day celebrating Kansas, I've got ideas for you!