St. Patrick's Day Activities

Hello!  I wanted to share a few of the St. Patrick's Day activities that I have available in my store.  

I know many of you might have Spring Break next week, but you can save the ideas for next year or try them after break!  These would also work for parents who are looking for some fun activities to do at home! 

The first activity is my St. Patrick's Day Color-by-Number activity pack.  There are six pages that are perfect to use at school, at home, or in the car!  They require very little prep - just print and go!  My five year-old LOVES attaching a couple of my color-by-number pages to a clipboard and taking them in the car.  (Although I think she loves getting to use a clipboard just about as much as she likes doing the coloring page. ;))

If your students (or kids) like using jumbo push pins, they will love these St. Patrick's Day Pinning Pages!  There are eight pages and can be used with jumbo push pins or as tracing pages.  The word at the bottom of the page is traceable.

You can print the pages and use them for pinning as-is, or you can tape each page onto a piece of construction paper and poke through both pages.  Then, when you remove the pinning page, the construction paper will look neat!

The last activity is one of my favorite freebies in my store!  My "Where's the Gold?" number recognition game has been a favorite with students and my own daughter!  This is a pocket chart game that comes with a partner game that you can use for reinforcement.  It's easy to customize - you can use only numbers 1-10, or focus on teen numbers, etc.  I've played this game with my older daughter for a few years now. When she was three, we only used numbers to 10.  Now, we can use all of the numbers and it helps her with those tricky teens!

If you're in the classroom, you can modify this game for small group use.  You can use a tabletop pocket chart and pick a smaller set of numbers to focus on.

 Finally, if you're looking for looking for some thematic center activities, I have a St. Patrick's Day Centers Bundle!  It includes a total of 16 centers that touch on a variety of math and literacy skills.

Thanks for letting me share these activities with you!  Enjoy the rest of your night - it's almost Friday!!!

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