Saturday, May 20, 2017

Summer Morning Work Tubs

I'm so excited to share the Summer Morning Work Tubs with you!  When I began making my Morning Work Tubs for Kindergarten last fall, I actually was most excited about making summer-themed activities!  I've had many ideas stored up, and I'm happy to have this pack completed and ready to share with you!

Like with the previous months, I tried to include a wide variety of activities.  Since this is the final pack in my morning work tubs bundle, the activities include some more difficult skill practice, such as blends, combinations to 10, addition, etc., but still have some of the familiar activities you and your students have grown to love.  I've made some of the activities editable for your convenience, and I have also included multiple versions of some activities to allow for differentiation.

Here's a look at the 20 activities included in the summer pack, plus some affiliate links to Amazon for your convenience!  Several of the activities have materials that could easily be substituted for things you already have on hand.

1. Summer Sight Words: This is entirely editable!  I thought it would be fun to have students write the word in sand using a shell, but that's totally optional!
2. Summer Sentence Matching: Many of you have told me that you're loving the simple sentence activities, so here's a summer-themed one!
3. Beginning Blend Cards: You can laminate these and have students write the missing letters, or they can use magnetic letters.
4. Summer Word Building: Students will build a variety of summer vocabulary words.  I love this mini magnetic cookie sheet, and these magnetic letters!

5. Ping-Pong Ball Words:  There is a CVC word version and a CVCe word version.  You will prepare the activity by writing words on ping-pong balls (white is fine, or use these fun colorful ones). Students will pick a ball, read the word, and color the picture that matches the word.  To add a fun fine-motor component, use scooper tongs like these!
6. Rhyming Sunglasses: There are two versions to allow for differentiation!  I included a black-and-white version that can be printed on colorful cardstock, as shown in the picture.
7. Making Lemonade: This is an editable activity that has a variety of options!  In the picture above, I'm using it as an addition activity with plastic lemon slices and ice cubes.  There's also a ten frame version, plus a blank version that you can use however you want.
8. Ice Cream Sundae Scoops: This is editable so you could use number words, addition/subtraction, etc.  Students will use tweezers or scooper tongs to show each number of "ice cream scoops", a.k.a. jumbo pom-pom balls.

9. Kite Tails: As you can probably tell by now, I love incorporating pony beads because they work those fine motor skills so well!  These are editable, but I'm using numbers to 20.
10. Duck Pond Addition: Students will pick two ducks that have been numbered from 0-5, add the numbers, and record.  You can use mini rubber ducks like these, or simply use the duck templates in the download.
11. Let's Go Fishing: Students will match numbers 11-30 to the correct tens/ones card.  Never missing a fine motor opportunity, I hot-glued mini clothespins to the backs of the fish cards and turned the fish into clip cards.  This is totally optional, but it's pretty simple to do and it makes it more fun for the kiddos!

12. Sunny Sums: You'll prep this activity by writing addition sentences onto clothespins.  Then, students will clip each addition sentence onto the sun that has the correct sum.  No time to write on clothespins?  I included addition cards that you can use instead!

13. Making Ten Mats: Seashells are such a motivating object for many kids to get to use, so I created this making ten activity.  They'll add more shells (or another manipulative) and make ten, and then write the missing addend in the addition sentence.
14. Summer Measurement: This non-standard measurement activity provides some fun measurement practice, and includes a recording mat.  
15. Habitat Sort: I have had dozens of requests for a habitat activity, so here it is!  There are six habitats and six animal cards for each one.  I even included self-checking cards for your students to check their work.
16. Roll and Graph: Here's another favorite morning work tub activity, just with a summer theme.  You can place the cards into a pocket cube, or prepare the cube template included in the download.

17. Pokey Pin Pages: My own five year-old goes crazy for pinning pages, so here are some summer-themed pages.  They're two-to-a-page.  I love using jumbo push pins, but regular ones work, too.
18. Cut and Punch Activity: You will print these popsicle templates onto colorful paper, and then cut on the solid lines to create four per page. Students will cut out around the popsicle template on the dashed lines, and then use a single hole-punch to punch the dots.  
19. Summer Sensory Bin: Themed sensory bins are great on their own, but I included a mini photo album with this one.  Students can use a magnifying glass to look at the objects you include, and then draw and label what they found in the photo album.  You'll prepare the photo album by printing on cardstock, laminating, and then securing with a book ring.
20. Summer Playdough Mats: I tried to include at least one playdough activity in every monthly pack, and the summer pack is no exception.  Each mat has a simple activity prompt at the top, and students can use their powers of creativity and imagination to add more to the picture on the mat.  You can include cookie cutters to help your students out!

For more information about the summer pack, or to check out the discounted morning work tub bundle, click on the covers below.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 17, 2017

May Morning Work Tubs

I have great news: May Morning Work Tubs are now posted!  I'm so excited to have these ready for you.  I'm excited to say that I was able to incorporate many of the themes and materials that many of you have requested!

The May activities are pretty heavy in spring themes, such as flowers, bugs, and birds.  Some of you told me that you do an ocean theme in the spring, so I made an ocean activity.  I also added a weather activity that's in the style of my color-by-number packs, and I included a really neat life cycle sequencing activity, too!

Here are all 20 activities included in the May pack, plus some affiliate links to materials on Amazon to help you out!

1. Sight Word Spin & Trace:  This is editable!  Also, I changed the yellow spinner choice to pink because I've been having a hard time finding yellow dry-erase markers.  These are the spinners I have!  I hot-glue them to the laminated spinner and they work great!
2. Beginning Blend Puzzles: There are eight blends included!
3. Short Vowel Spin & Cover: Yes, another spinner activity!  I keep hearing how much your students love spinner activities, so I included another one this month.  You can cover the spaces with any manipulative. I used these two-color counters.
4. Rhyming Butterflies: By this point in the year, I want my students to be able to match rhyming words in addition to rhyming pictures. Therefore, I added this rhyming word matching activity.  I added a fine motor component with the plastic links, which you can find here.

5. Catch a Worm:  There is a CVC word version and a CVCe word version. You can use one or both!  You can use these as a simple matching activity, but I made them even more fun!  I glued a medium-sized clothespin to the back of each laminated bird so that the opening is behind the bird's mouth.  Then, the students can clip the correct worm card so it looks like it's in the bird's mouth!

6. Scrambled-Up Sentences:  I included some scrambled-up sentences in my March pack and I had lots of positive feedback about them!  So, I included some more and I increased the number to ten sentences. I highly suggest putting each group of words and the matching picture card into separate sandwich-sized baggies to keep them a little more organized.
7. Butterfly Net Number Matching: The butterfly net is optional, but it certainly increases student motivation!  Also, I've struggled for years to find good quality butterfly nets! The dollar spot/dollar store ones last maybe a year.  This year, I splurged and bought these nets on Amazon and they are really sturdy! They're a little more pricey, but they should last for a long time!
8. Flower Pot Counting: You can use any mini flower pots you want (I suggest plastic!), or use plastic cups.  I have an addiction to all things colorful and pretty, so I am using these plastic pots.

9. Flower Stem Counting: I included quite a few counting activities this month, and here's one that combines fine motor work with the pony beads that all kiddos seem to love using!  Laminate and cut out around the flowers, and then tape a green pipe cleaner securely on the back of each one. I used three-four pieces of tape.  I used half of a pipe cleaner for numbers 1-10 and a whole pipe cleaner for numbers to 20.
10. Bug Jar Subtraction: Here's a great hands-on activity for sorting subtraction sentences by their differences.  I saved some green paper shred from Easter and am using it with this activity to hide the bugs in "grass". 
11. Bug Counting:  My students have always loved using the figurine-style manipulatives, so here's a fun activity that, again, incorporates good fine motor work.  Add a set of these plastic tweezers to add some difficulty!  These are the bug counters that I have.
12. Flower Counting Mats: You can use any flower-shaped object for these, or students can draw flowers on the stems with dry-erase markers.  It's up to you!

13. Ocean Animals 9x9 Puzzles:  I promised an ocean animal activity, and here it is!  I love these 9x9 puzzles and have included them in several other monthly packs.  I suggest placing the puzzle mats into a plastic sleeve or laminating them.  Then, put each set of nine pieces into its own sandwich-sized baggie.
14. Life Cycle Sequencing Mats: I've had dozens of requests for life cycle activities, and I hope you love these life cycle mats.  I've simplified them by making the outline on the sequencing pieces match the color on the correct sequencing mat.  There are mats for butterflies, frogs, ladybugs, ants, and worms.
15. Spring Playdough Mats: My five year-old LOVES these!  I included a basic spring image on each mat.  Your students will use playdough and other tools if desired to create on each mat.  My daughter put googly eyes on her ladybug and we used short pipe cleaners for antennae.
16. Weather Color-by-Number Pages: There are four different pages included.  They aren't editable due to clip artist terms of use, but they do provide great practice with following directions and reading color words!  Since there are some unique colors included, I would suggest making copies of these and letting students use crayons or colored pencils.

17. Umbrella Color Sorting: Several teachers have asked if I could make a magnetic wand activity, so I decided to use magnetic wands and magnetic counters for this month's color sorting activity! Of course, you can use pom-pom balls, buttons, beads, or any other object instead! 
18.  Spring Symmetry: There is a traceable version and a do-it-yourself version that's more difficult!
19. Spring Lacing Pictures: I love lacing card activities, so I made some spring-themed lacing cards!  I'm using some of these shoelaces that I have had for a long time, but you could also use yarn with the ends taped.
20. Exploring Nature Tub PLUS Observation Journal:  This tub is a little different than the others, but I'm excited about it!  You will add anything you want from nature, such as flowers, sticks, leaves, rocks, etc.  Then, I made a little observation journal that's easy to assemble. Laminate it, and then your students can use a magnifying glass to study each object and record what they see in the journal!  I have this magnifying glass, and the set includes a set of plastic tweezers that you could use for the bug counting tub!

That wraps up my May tubs!  I will be adding a summer-themed morning work tub set, and then the growing bundle will be complete!  If you want more information about the May pack or the bundle, click on the images below.

I would love to see pictures of how you use the tub activities in your classroom!

**This post includes affiliate links for your convenience.  

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bunny Hop CVC Word Game Freebie

One of my favorite and most popular activities is my Bunny Hop CVC Word Game, and it also happens to be my most-downloaded freebie on TpT.  It was one of the first resources I ever created and although it's well-loved, I felt like it needed a bit of an update.  I spent my day working on it and it's ready for download now!

If you haven't used the game before, it is simply a board game with CVC words on the spaces.  The goal of the game is to get your bunny to the basket of eggs while reading CVC words along the way.  There is a color version and a black-and-white version so you can save that precious ink if you need to!

When I updated the file, I did make one minor change.  The game used to require the assembly of a cube for students to roll while playing.  I decided to change it to a spinner for a few reasons (who doesn't love spinners?!), but mostly because spinners are way easier to store from year-to-year.  My game cubes kept getting crushed in my file cabinet and I had to reassemble them every year.  No thanks!

I recently found these awesome plastic spinners on Amazon, and they are a game changer!  I'm laminating the spinner mats and hot gluing the plastic spinner right on top.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with the good ol' paper clip-and-a-pencil spinner trick, either!

Another important thing to remember is that you absolutely don't have to use the bunny game pieces!  You can use mini erasers, manipulatives, or anything else you have on hand.  

This game is perfect as a partner activity, learning center, RTI activity, guided reading group activity, and much more!  I would LOVE to see how you and your students are using the game!  Tag me on Instagram (@kroltgen) or on Facebook!

Click on the cover image below to grab this freebie!  I hope you love it!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

April Morning Work Tubs

It's nearly April, and my April Morning Work Tubs are ready to go!  I have a super exciting announcement about the April tubs, so be sure to read all the way through!

I wanted to give you a quick sneak peek of the activities to help you gather materials.  As with the other months' packs, I try to create these activities in a way that makes them flexible material-wise. For the most part, if you don't have the same exact materials that I use, you can still use the activity.  You may have to modify it to some extent.  I'm also including some affiliate links to a few of the materials.

1.  Spring Ten Frames
2. Sunflower Seed Counting Mats
3. Happy Flower Color Sort (These are the tweezers I use - they've lasted for years!)
4. Rainy Day Sort (I made this as a sensory tub, which is optional, but it makes it more fun!)

5. Flower Cut and Punch
6. Spring Day Spy-a-Word (This is the magnifying glass that I have.)
7. Bunny Line Tracing
8. Recycling or Trash Sort (Here are similar trash and recycling bins.)

9. Spring Word Building
10. Spring Sight Word Puzzles
11. Springtime 1-10 Puzzles (These are editable!)
12. Springtime Sentences

13. Beehive Playdough Mats
14. Spring Roll and Graph
15. Build a Nest
16. Spring Pinning Pages (I use these jumbo push pins!)

17. Spring Picture Search
18. Springtime Sequencing
19. Color-by-Number/Color-by-Sum
20. Number Nests

My SUPER exciting news and announcement is that my morning work tubs now include student instruction cards AND they are editable!  I will be adding student instruction cards to all future packs and I'll be going back and adding them to the previous packs as well.

I hope you and your students love the April tub activities!  Click on the pictures below to view the April tubs and the bundle in my store.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Fling & Easter Things Activity {Free!}

I'm so excited to team up with a group of bloggers to share some Easter activities with you today!

As a former kindergarten teacher who is now a SAHM, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate some learning into our everyday lives.  I have a two year-old who knows most of her uppercase letters and a five year-old who is starting to read, so I'm also busy finding and making activities that both of them can learn from.

One of my former students' and my own children's favorite activities are hide-behind activities like my "Where's the Gold?" St. Patrick's Day activity.  I found the cutest bunny clipart and HAD to make an activity with it, so I came up with this "Where's the Carrot?" alphabet game!  The best thing about this game is that you can really change it up and play it in a variety of ways.  I use the uppercase letter cards with both of my girls, and I use the lowercase cards with my five year-old to add some difficulty.

The first activity that you can do with the bunny cards is a classic hide-behind game.  I had my girls cover their eyes while I hid the carrot behind a letter.  Then they took turns guessing which letter the carrot was hiding behind.  I will point out that it's important to have the child(ren) verbalize the letter, not just point to it.  That way, you can really make sure they know their letters.  There are a few letters my two year-old still struggles with, so I let her point to a letter if she didn't know it and then we practice the letter a couple times before I lift it up to see if the carrot is there.  

After I played with my girls a couple times, they wanted to keep playing together so they took turns hiding the carrot.  My two year-old had fun covering her eyes while her big sister hid the carrot!

Also, I hung up a pocket chart on our front door and we used that to play the game.  However, if you don't have a pocket chart, this game works perfectly fine on a table or on the floor!

My five year-old and I played the game while my two year-old was napping, and we played with the lowercase letter set.  To make it a little more challenging, I had her call out the letter sounds instead of the letter names.   When we're done playing, I also have her put the letters back in order to work on alphabet order.

If you want to make the game easier, you can just pick a handful of letters to use.  When my two year-old and I played the St. Patrick's Day version of this activity a few weeks ago, I picked the letters in her name plus six letters that she's still working on.

Since I included uppercase and lowercase cards, you can also use the cards in a memory game!  Just print off both sets of cards and remove the carrot cards. 

This activity is available to download on Dropbox by clicking here!

Here are some other EGG-CELLENT ideas for Easter fun with your littles! Just click on the photos to read more from these creative mommy bloggers!!

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